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QRCS provides medical supplies, dispatches mobile clinics in Yemen

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June 28th, 2016 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society's (QRCS) mission in Yemen has continued its efforts to support the medical sector in the war-torn country, by initiating the 2nd phase of supplying hospitals with medications and medical consumables as well as dispatching mobile clinics over three days in four Yemeni governorates, at a cost of $272,777 (QR 992,355).

In partnership with Ithar for Development and Charity Activities, the first project was aimed at helping poor patients cover the costs of treatment, especially chronic disease like heart disorders, diabetes, hypertension, and Sickle-cell disease. The six-month project will cost $177,777.

Four hospitals received medical supplies and medicines for the treatment of injuries. These supplies were procured from Aden and transported to Taiz through rough mountain routes.

These deliveries are estimated to help 7,214 patients with medications, first-aid materials, chronic disease medications, oxygen tanks, and dialysis supplements.

In parallel, QRCS dispatched mobile emergency clinics across Aden over three days to help the communities affected by the armed conflict and prevalent insecurity.

General Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, Governorate of Aden, thanked QRCS for this generous contribution, which "is usual from the State of Qatar towards the people of Aden".

These medical convoys were coordinated with the local authorities and Ithar and hired proficient and experienced personnel. Eight medical specialties were covered, including ophthalmology, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

All examinations and medications are offered for free. The convoys targeted remote areas to meet the dire needs of populations there.

The everyday casualties due to the conflict are causing pressure on health care facilities, with risks and high prices for bringing supplies into Taiz.