QRCS Covers Vital Medical Implants for Hydrocephalus Patients in Yemen

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June 13th, 2016 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society's (QRCS) mission in Yemen is implementing the second phase of a project to distribute cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collection machines to needy infants with hydrocephalus, at a total cost of $120,000 (QR 436,800).

The purpose of the project is to reduce mortality rate from hydrocephalus, mitigate its complications, improve the well-being of patients to enable them to live normally, and help poor families with hydrocephalic members, and promote solidarity and compassion in society.

QRCS personnel in Yemen purchased 430 CSF collection machines through the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) and held an agreement with the Handicapped Welfare and Rehabilitation Fund (HWRF) as a government body to perform the implantations for free.

Targeting 430 hydrocephalic babies over one year, the first batch of 100 machines were delivered in March-May 2016. The second batch of 100 was distributed this June by a joint group of QRCS, CSSW, and HWRF.

Mr. Mohamed Al-Dailami, CEO of HWRF welcomed QRCS and valued its humanitarian role in the war-torn country. "This appreciated contribution will greatly help reduce disabilities and save the lives of 430 newborns," he commented.

"QRCS has a prominent role in various aspects of humanitarian relief across Yemen. We in CSSW are proud of being partners with QRCS in many projects, which have a positive impact on the beneficiaries and society at large," said Dr. Abdel-Wasei Al-Wasiei, Director-General of CSSW). The parents of the beneficiaries were endlessly happy to see their babies saved by virtue of these life-saving machines.