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QRCS Completes 2nd Phase of CSF Medical Equipment Project in Yemen

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CSF Collection Machines in Yemen © QRCS


May 6 th , 2017 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent's (QRCS) mission in Yemen completed the second phase of a project to distribute cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collection machines to 430 needy infants with hydrocephalus, at a total cost of $120,000 (QR 436,800).

This phase covered 100 kids. Preparations are underway for the third phase, which is planned to commence this month.

The purpose of the project is to reduce mortality rate from hydrocephalus, mitigate its complications, improve the well-being of patients to enable them to live normally, and help poor families with hydrocephalic members, and promote solidarity and compassion in society.

The CSF collection machines were purchased by the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW). The Handicapped Welfare and Rehabilitation Fund (HWRF) was contracted to perform the implantations for free.

In a statement, Dr. Mohamed Al-Ahlasi, Pediatrician and the Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Al-Sabeen Maternal Hospital, Sana'a, said, "These machines are the only treatment for hydrocephalus. We look forward to more cooperation with charities and humanitarian agencies to overcome the scarce of resources and increasing numbers of patients at public hospitals".

Dr. Ali Al-Moallem, Neurologist, stated, "This is a significant medical project that saves many lives born with hydrocephalus. From my experience, I found that all the cases that visit us are from destitute families who are in dire need for help. This support from QRCS is a lifeline for hundreds of newborns".

Mr. Mohamed Al-Dailami, CEO of HWRF welcomed QRCS and valued its humanitarian role in the war-torn country. "This appreciated contribution will greatly help reduce disabilities and save the lives of innocent kids," he commented.

He hoped for deeper cooperation in special needs care, as the protracted war has claimed numerous victims with serious injuries and disabilities.

When interviewed, the parents of beneficiaries were in seventh heaven. "My daughter suffered this serious disease since her birth," said Mabrouk, father of Maryam. "We faced a lot of difficulties in Taiz and had to flee with my family.

Thanks to QRCS, my daughter got the CSF collection machine implanted, free of charge".

Abdel-Qawi Nagi, father of Nagi, said, "May God reward you well. But for your support, I could do nothing for my son. I cannot afford the cost of the machine and surgery". In the same sense, Fares Ahmed Nagi, father of Ritaj, prayed, "I ask God to reward our brothers in QRCS for saving the life of my daughter".


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