QRCS Brings Clean Drinking Water to 22,000 Yemenis in Dhale Governorate [EN/AR]

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February 13th, 2016 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has just completed a water project for thousands of families deprived of clean drinking water in the Dhale and Qa'atabah districts of Dhale Governorate, at a total cost of $50,000 (QR 181,859).

Over one month, QRCS personnel in Yemen dispatched trucks to distribute clean water to households, with the help of dozens of local volunteers. A total of 3,150 (22,000 people) received water tanks in numerous neighborhoods, with each family receiving 100 liters of water for one month.

The project was coordinated with the governorate and municipal authorities of Dhale as well as local charities, which made the field survey to select the beneficiaries from the neediest families, the displaced communities affected by war, and vulnerable groups (widows, orphans, indigents, and people with disabilities).

Most towns and suburbs of Dhale are experiencing a severe water crisis as a natural result of war, which had impact on everything, including basic services like water, electricity, education, and health. Prices are too inflated, and there is a scarcity in fuel.

Dhale is one of the country's poorest regions in water resources, depending mainly on water tanks from Habil ar Raydah, Lahij.

During a visit by the project's management to his Office, Dhale Governor appreciated the project for meeting the needs of the citizens, who live in distress due to the war. He wished success for QRCS to continue to conduct more of such vital projects, especially in water supply.

The chairman of Physical Disability Foundation in Dhale told QRCS personnel in Zabid, "Everybody here, including me, welcomed the team. I liked its mechanism and communication with the local community. QRCS is the first organization to provide drinking water in the region. We hope there will be more endeavors to help the people here in other aspects of life. Thanks to QRCS for this generous gesture, which is not strange for Qatar. May God help you do good".

Among the beneficiaries was Abdelrahman Haydara, a disabled person from Zabid, who smiled widely and said, "We thank QRCS a lot for this kind act of providing us with drinking water. This is the first water supply project conducted here even since before the eruption of the war. No other organization had brought pure water to this area. We hope this will be a good start and there will be more water for the citizens."

Another beneficiary was Aisha Gaber, a widow and mother of ten children, including two with permanent disabilities. Talking in her colloquial accent, she described her bad need of water to clean her disabled children and squash the thirst of her girls. She is the breadwinner of the family, and she cannot afford buying water. She has to leave her children unattended and walk for a long distance to carry water on her back and walk back under the sun. While receiving her water tank, she warmly asked God to bless and reward QRCS well.


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