Qatar Charity's relief delegation heads for Yemen

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Doha, Nov. 4th, 2008 - A relief delegation from Qatar Charity flied to Yemen last Saturday, 1st Nov., 2008. The delegation included Jassim 'Abdullah al-Jassim, the Charity's Qatar Office Manager, Dr. Khalifa Ibn Jassim al-Kuwari, 'Umar Badr al-Madfaa and as-Sayyid 'Abdussalam. The delegation undertook the distribution of relief items in the afflicted areas in Hadarmout and al-Muhra cities. Relief materials included food stuffs, medicines, tents, blankets and other necessaries.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity appropriated Q.R. 1.000.000 as a first batch to those who were afflicted by floods in the two cities in the framework of a comprehensive plan to participate in alleviating different consequences of the catastrophe.

Mr. al-Jassim stated that: "This relief campaign represents the best example of solidarity, which is part and parcel of the Islamic teachings and Qatari traditions. It is a field demonstration of the Charity's humanitarian activities. It represents the best qualities of charitable work.

It is notable to state that this catastrophe resulted in killing one hundred persons, displacing 700 families and harming other 1000 families, in addition to big losses in the infrastructure and lands. This, for sure, requires an urgent effective relief in order to face bad results on man, land and environment.