Qatar Charity provides food aid to 26,000 displaced Yemenis

Qatar Charity (QC) has recently distributed 3,700 food baskets to the displaced people of Al Hudaydah Governorate in the capital Sana'a. The baskets worth up to QR 800,000 have benefited 26,000 people experiencing acute food insecurity, according to the classification of UN agencies operating in Yemen, while the charity prepares to provide food and shelter assistance for other 2,000 families this month, in conjunction with the approaching winter.
The distribution of the food aid came with the generous support of the people of Qatar to coincide with UN warnings of a devastating famine that Yemen could face soon Food baskets include flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, dates, salt, cans of bean and other materials, and will cover the needs of beneficiary families for basic food items for one month.
QC’s office is keen to implement all its projects through complete coordination with United Nations organizations and concerned Yemeni governmental agencies.
These baskets were distributed very smoothly without any problems due to the coordination and cooperation between the QC’s office and the body authorized by the government to manage and supervise the activities of local and international humanitarian organizations.
The assistance had a good impact on the beneficiaries, as one of them expressed this by saying, "I have not received such a big food basket since the beginning of the crisis, and I could not buy it even if I have worked for three months."
Mohammed Al Wa'i, director of QC’s office in Yemen and Djibouti, said that, Qatar Charity would intensify its efforts in the field of food aid due to food insecurity faced by the Yemeni people.
He also noted out that the charity would distribute food and shelter aid to other 2,000 families this month. he also pointed out that QC’s office has recently distributed the benefits of the sponsorship for three months to 7,500 orphans, poor families and people with special needs sponsored by the charity, while the distribution of the benefits will continue to other 13000 sponsored persons during the coming period,
It is worth mentioning that the United Nations recently warned that nearly half of Yemen’s population could be soon on the risk of starvation. It has already noted that 20 million Yemenis suffer from food insecurity or lack of food.