Qatar Charity Distributes Humanitarian Aid for the Displaced in Yemen

from Qatar Charity
Published on 17 Feb 2015

Qatar Charity has distributed humanitarian relief assistance to displaced Yemenis from two provinces at a cost of over QAR 500,000 (USD 140,000). The aid included shelter, food, medicine and medical treatment for the benefit of 6076 people. The projects were carried out in partnership with Yemen Development Network (YDN) who took part in the distribution of tents, mattresses, blankets, winter clothing and kitchen utensils, in addition to food items.

Food baskets each containing 50 kilos of wheat, 25 kilos of flour, 4 liters of cooking oil, 10 kilos of sugar, 10 kilos of rice and 500 grams of tea were distributed to 5000 displaced families in the governorates of Al-Jawf and Marib, in the areas of Hazm, Motoon, Khalq, Masloub, Higher Jouf, Salamat, Sahara, Baten, Khalifa Basha, Al Salah and Madina in the province of Marib.

The relief efforts represent Qatar Charity's humanitarian role and its desire to offer support to the most needy, in light of the fact that the Yemeni people are experiencing extreme suffering as a result of conflict and displacement. The displaced often lack the most basic necessities of life, which results in a humanitarian disaster, particularly during the current winter weather, which exacerbates their problems.

This aid is in addition to covering the cost of treatment for 1500 patients and the purchase and distribution of chronic disease treatments, such as blood pressure and diabetes medicines, health checks and drugs for other diseases that are commonly spread in this period, such as pneumonia and diseases of the digestive system. Around 6076 people benefitted from the support.

According to recent reports by YDN, 193 families are currently displaced as a result of events in the two provinces, and 739 families have returned to their homes, and although the situation is currently stable, there is considerable fear among the population that the situation will explode again in the coming days as the conflicting parties still massing gunmen in preparation for battle.

Other Ongoing Projects

Qatar Charity General Supervisor of Projects in Yemen, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Jassim Al-Thani, has recently laid the foundation stone for several projects on Socotra Island in Yemen, including the launch of major health projects, including the receipt of medical and social services at the Doha Center building.

The center will incorporate several laboratories, a center for the rehabilitation of the disabled, an eye clinic, a pharmacy for the distribution of medicines for children and a kidney dialysis center, with an X-ray center to be added at a later date.

A small Qatar Charity office will be located inside the center so that Qatar Charity staff can supervise the work. A project for the maintenance and restoration of doctors' apartments in the Qalansia building of the hospital has also been launched, as well the restoration of the Qalansia hospital building which will be the only birthing hospital on Socotra Island.

A Qatar Charity delegation has also launched the start of the maintenance and restoration of the Children's Hospital, in addition to the establishment of three health camps which will take place during the first three months of next year, with the first being dedicated to the fight against blindness, the second to combat cancer and tumors, including and testing and early detection of tumors, providing medicines and conducting operations, and the third to treat epilepsy patients.

In the education sector the foundation stone has been laid for the construction of a secondary school and a large hall for activities, and in the same area, the construction of two kindergartens for 200 boys and girls; the first of its kind on the island.

17 February 2015