Providing water and food for Yemenis in Al Dhale’e governorate

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ACTED provides essential water trucking and cash for food to needy displaced families in Al Dhale’e governorate.

Families in Al Dhale’e governorate in central Yemen are some of the most vulnerable, having had to flee conflict from neighboring areas. As they try to find a safe place to restart life, these displaced households struggle to buy food and water for their familiies, leaving them malnourished and vulnerable to sickness. ACTED, in cooperation with ECHO, is working with 3,000 households in Al Dhale’e governorate, providing provide clean, safe water as well as cash to help families afford nutritious food.

So far, ACTED has installed 53 water tanks and distributed 2 jerry cans per family in preparation for three months of water trucking. In the process, ACTED also led trainings with each family on the importance of hygiene and nutrition, including a balanced diet, mother and infant feeding and proper feeding during pregnancy. These skills will help families to stay healthy while they receive water for washing, cooking and drinking. As ACTED continues to provide water until the end of December, households will soon also be receiving cash so they can buy food for their families. ACTED hopes that as the people of Al Dhale’e escape war, they can find peace in knowing they have enough to eat and drink in the coming months.