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M. Hugues Mingarelli, Managing Director for the Middle East and Southern Neighborhood at the European External Action Service, will carry out a visit to Yemen from 24 to 27 of January 2012. This visit of the top European Union official responsible for the region aims at reaffirming the unequivocal political support of the EU to the transition process in Yemen and to the Yemeni people. M. Mingarelli will sign two financial agreements, for a total amount of 18 M€, one aimed at promoting human rights and child protection, the other focused on sustainable employment generation. These agreements are a concrete demonstration of the EU’s commitment to enhance its support to Yemen’s ongoing transition and to the Yemeni people, signaling that the EU will remain a very close development and political partner. European Union support to Yemen represents a total of almost 300 Million € over the period 2007-2013. This amount complements EU Member States' direct contributions.

During this visit, M. Hugues Mingarelli shall meet with the political leadership and the Government as well as civil society representatives. He will reiterate the support of the EU to Vice-President Hadi and to the National Unity Government in its efforts to take forward a peaceful transition of power. Mr Mingarelli will also meet with opposition parties, non-governmental and youth organizations as part of the EU’s effort to reach out to the widest possible spectrum of Yemeni society. The EU remains a leading supporter of democratic renewal in Yemen. If that renewal process is based on principles of sustainable development and genuine social inclusion, it stands to receive substantial backing from the international community.