Preparing for the Arrival of COVID-19 in Yemen

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ACTED recently spoke to its teams on the ground in four of our countries of operations to see how each of them are preparing for a local escalation in the number of cases of COVID-19. Below is our latest update from our mission in Yemen.

ACTED steps up preparation and support to Authorities to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus in Yemen

Whilst there are currently no confirmed Coronavirus cases in Yemen, battered health systems mean an outbreak would have deadly consequences. ACTED is hoping for the best whilst preparing for the worst, supporting authorities to mitigate the spread of the virus.

ACTED donates essential supplies to the Authorities to support their preparation

In the governorates of Sa’adah and Hudaydah, where the Authorities have set up quarantine centers, ACTED has donated essential materials, including over 1,600 mattresses, 1,479 blankets, water buckets and hygiene supplies.

ACTED is also coordinating with the Authorities and the relevant clusters to identify the needs for further equipping these centers. In its EU-funded intervention in Dhamar, ACTED and partners will design and deliver complementary activities that support the capacity of Authorities to cope with a possible outbreak of Coronavirus (among others).

Raising awareness of ACTED staff in the office and in the field

Throughout March, ACTED has worked to raise awareness of Coronavirus among its staff across all its offices in Aden, Al Dhale’e, Hudaydah, Ibb, Sa’adah and Sana’a. The organisation has also developed communication materials and equipped all offices and staff with additional hygiene and cleaning materials.

ACTED has also set up a task force within the senior staff from each area to monitor and discuss the evolution of the situation in Yemen and to take the appropriate measures when necessary.

On the 23rd of March, following a directive from the Ministry of Health, ACTED has taken the decision to reduce the number of employees who are attending the office every day through a combined approach of staff rotations, working from home and leave.