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Passengers Transport Overview - Djibouti ā€“ Aden - Djibouti, November 2016

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Due to the lack of access by air to the city of Aden, Yemen, the Logistics Cluster coordinates and facilitates passenger movement via sea on a WFP-chartered vessel, which also serves as an emergency rescue and evacuation vessel.
Additionally, cargo transportation on board of the same vessel is also facilitated.
Since May 2016, a regular schedule and booking system has been in place, with weekly rotations between Djibouti and Aden. The schedule has been designed so to allow passengers to easily connect with UNHAS flights on Djibouti route to and from Sana’a.
A snapshot containing additional information can be found at .
Pending availability of resources and based on needs, the service will be maintained through 2017.


  • From May to November 2016, 30 voyages took place between Djibouti and Aden, transporting a total of 553 passengers on behalf of 23 agencies.

  • The vessel currently under contract, VoS Apollo, will go dry docking in the UAE in early December, until mid-January. To ensure continuity of the service during this period, WFP has chartered a sister ship (VoS Triton). The new vessel will be operational from 4December 2016.