Passengers Transport Overview - Djibouti – Aden - Djibouti, March 2017

from World Food Programme, Logistics Cluster
Published on 31 Mar 2017 View Original


The Logistics Cluster continues to coordinate and facilitate passenger movement via sea on a WFP-chartered vessel, which also serves as an emergency rescue and evacuation vessel. Additionally, staff accommodation and cargo transportation on board of the same vessel are facilitated. Since May 2016, a regular schedule and booking system have been in place, with weekly rotations between Djibouti and Aden. The schedule has been designed so as to allow passengers to easily connect with UNHAS flights on Djibouti route to and from Sana’a.

General overview

  • 47 rotations with 1052 passengers transported between Djibouti and Aden on behalf of 31 service users (12 UN agencies, 15 INGOs, 3 NNGOs, and media).

  • 45% utilisation rate (maximum capacity 25 passengers per leg/50 per voyage).

  • Thanks to the contributions received so far, WFP will extend the service until 11 June 2017.