A Passage to Justice: Selected Yemeni Civil Society Views for Transitional Justice and Long-Term Accountability in Yemen

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This is a report commissioned by the Open Society Foundations as part of a project about options for long-term accountability in Yemen.

The Open Society Foundations’ support to Yemeni partner organizations has grown out of the work done on U.S. counter-terrorism operations. With the outbreak of armed conflict in Yemen in 2014, Open Society expanded its support for the documentation of the conduct of the different parties to the armed conflict in Yemen. The Foundations’ support also encompassed enabling Yemeni civil society organizations (CSO) to carry out high-level advocacy efforts.

In addition to the contributions that Yemeni civil society can make through their documentation work to reducing civilian harm and increase compliance with international humanitarian law (IHL), Open Society believes that Yemeni CSOs can also play an essential role supporting the transitional justice process and efforts to develop a comprehensive and a long-term vision for accountability in Yemen.

Articulating this vision, clarifying the substantive core of Yemeni demands for justice, and building political momentum around an accountability agenda are crucial. They can ensure that accountability and redress are meaningfully incorporated into any post-conflict settlement for Yemen. They constitute the key objectives underpinning the work carried out in the framework of Open Society’s project on long-term options for accountability in Yemen.