Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #41, 15 April 2017

from Oxfam
Published on 15 Apr 2017

Humanitarian Context

  • The breakdown in health services, with nearly one third of the total number of health facilities currently providing maternal and newborn care services can result in the death of 1,000 of the 52,800 pregnant women in Yemen at increased risk of developing complications during childbirth.

  • There will be a pledging conference on 25 April in Geneva to collect fund for YHRP 2017 as it requires an amount of US$ 2.1 billion to provide life-saving assistance to 12 million people in Yemen but it’s only 14.4% funded so far. Six Yemeni NGOs will be attending the conference. Oxfam will publish a Fairshare report that maps the contributions that DAC and wealthy nonDAC countries should make based on their GDP.

  • UNICEF warns of Outbreaks of cholera and water and sanitation-related diseases in Yemen.