Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #36, 31 January 2017

Situation Report
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Humanitarian Context

Oxfam GB organized a Humanitarian Conference “Yemen Civil Society Event“ in London on 26 January, which focused on increasing the engagement of the international community and brought parties together to discuss issues effecting the humanitarian crisis and response in Yemen. Around 32 NGOs were able to take a part in the event by a video link in OCHA offices in Sana’a and Aden.

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, stated that the Yemen aid appeal for 2017 will be launched in Geneva on 8 February and then a pledging conference will be organized on 20 March to collect about $2 billion to help the Yemeni people in need. He also stated that the civilian death toll in the nearly two‐year conflict has reached 7,400, with 40,000 others wounded.

According to WHO a cumulative number of 18,194 AWD/Cholera cases and 99 deaths were reported in 165 districts. Of these 8,869 are women, while 6,144 are children below 5 years.