Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #35, 15 January 2017

from Oxfam
Published on 15 Jan 2017

Humanitarian Context

The situation in Yemen remains declining as a total of 18.8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 10.3 million in acute need and 3 million IDPs and returnees.

Some 180 cases of cholera have been confirmed in 49 districts with 99 cases of deaths from cholera and AWD. A total of 15,468 suspected cases are reported from 135 districts with only 45 per cent of health facilities are currently functioning in the country.

The public sector employees have not received their salaries since September 2016 except for a partial payment of September salary, which was paid in November 2016. Where in Aden, The pro‐Hadi Prime Minster stated that his government has overcome the liquidity crisis and now they are in position to pay salaries to all public servants.