Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #31, 15 November 2016


Humanitarian Context

Critical shortages in health sector/Cholera: As of early November there were over 2,000 suspected cases of cholera, with some deaths reported. This public health emergency comes at a time when more than half of Yemen’s health facilities are closed or partially functional. Critical shortages of medical supplies and fuel have further exacerbated the dire situation. Oxfam is preparing to scale‐up its cholera response.

Non‐payment of government salaries: Public‐sector salaries have not been paid (or partially paid) since August. It is anticipated within the humanitarian community that the non‐payment of government salaries over time will increase bureaucratic delays, further shrink access and result in increased crime and lawlessness.

Instability in grain imports: There is increasing evidence from multiple sources that overall grain imports to Yemen have reduced. A number of factors have lead to this including inability to secure lines of credit, bureaucratic uncertainty, blockages at ports and at sea prior to port entrance.