Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #28, 30 September 2016

Situation Report
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Humanitarian context

Civilians Increasingly Targeted — The past few weeks have witnessed an increase in targeting civilians, including children, by both sides. Just yesterday, the Houthis shelled a market in Taiz killing at least 8 civilians. Similarly, coalition airstrikes killed at least 20 civilians when jets hit the Suq al‐Hunod district of Al‐Hudaydah city. A few days later, airstrikes targeted residential buildings in Ibb city in centra Yemen at dawn killing at least 9 people.

After the decision of the Central Bank to Aden, the situation on the ground remains greatly the same. Government employees remain with no salaries for the second month in a row. The Houthis have called people to donate to the Central Bank. On the other hand, Hadi’s government has announced its commitment to pay all government employees as the register of the year 2014, not including those appointed by Houthis. However, no payment has been made.