Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #20, 16 May 2016



In response to the current crisis Oxfam has supported 861,700 individuals Hajjah and Al Hudaydah 4608 new HHs were selected in over 45 sub-villages in Hajjah Governorate for unconditional cash transfer (UCT) and cash for work (CfW). Oxfam’s support to sustainable water supply continued with diesel subsidy with 59, 678 litres in total to 23 water supply schemes (WSSs) in 3 districts of Hajjah and Hodeidah. As a part of flood emergency response, Oxfam is currently supporting the Hajjah Local Water Supply Corporation (LWSC) to re-start the pumping station swept away by the flash floods.


Preparations continue to launch the 3rd round of food vouchers distribution for 3,000 HHs. The verification process has been completed for 1000 HHs across 38 CfW working groups. In terms of rehabilitation of water network of Khamer (section 1) substantial progress has been made and 90% of implementation work is completed.


Preparation for the third round of distribution of food vouchers for 4,000 HHs in 11 sub-districts has started. Safe emergency water supply for drinking continues to reach 34,445 affected people through 38 water points in 4 districts in and around the war-torn Taiz City. 166 new IDP HHs received hygiene kits upon their arrival in Bani Shibah , Bani Mohamed, Al-Dabighah and Al-Kawyrah. IDPs came from Al-Wazeyah. The staff has continued the preparations to launch the new phase of scale-up in the southern areas. They agreed on the project action plan and started recruitment process.