OCHA Yemen: Escalating Conflict Flash Update 9 | 11 April 2015

Situation Report
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Daily key messages

Humanitarian partners welcome the arrival of three planes in Yemen carrying relief supplies since yesterday. Partners appeal to all parties to conflict to facilitate the delivery of desperately needed assistance by sea, road and air.

In the last 24 hours, airstrikes reportedly killed four civilians and injured three others in Al Matammah District, Al Jawf Governorate. In Sanhan District, Sana'a Governorate, the ancient Dar Al Haid mosque was reportedly hit by an air raid and three civilians killed. Airstrikes were also reported in Monnabih, Al Dhaher, and Ghamr districts in Sa'ada Governorate.

Conflict in Aden continues to escalate. Airstrikes have significantly intensified. Heavy armed clashes continue to be reported in residential districts and have reportedly expanded to new areas. In addition to the abductions of health workers cited in yesterday’s Situation Report, reports have emerged of parties to conflict forcibly entering private homes and abducting residents. It is unclear where abducted people have been taken, for what purpose or how they are being treated. In the last 48 hours, reports have also emerged of parties to conflict forcibly entering homes in order to seize food supplies. Food stocks are declining in the city and food prices are rising. Fuel, gas and water shortages are also intensifying.

Access and humanitarian response
Response Three planes carrying relief supplies have landed in Sana’a since 10 April. Yesterday, two planes arrived carrying a combined total of 32.4 tons of medical supplies. Today, a third plane landed with 35.6 tons medical aid, water purifying equipment, electric power generators and tents. Water trucking has begun to Al Hawtah and surrounding areas in Lahj Governorate that had not had functioning water services for over 10 days. More details on operational response by cluster will be provided in the next Situation Report.

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