OCHA Yemen: Escalating Conflict Flash Update 6 | 8 April 2015 (10.00)

Situation Report
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Airstrikes targeted Sana'a City and various districts in Sana'a Governorate, Al Dhale'e, Hajjah, Sa'ada, Taizz, Ibb, Aden, Al Jawf, Marib and Al Hudaydah on 7 April. In Aden, the airstrikes hit two warehouses reportedly used by parties to the conflict to store food and weapons near Al Razi hospital. Confrontations were reported near Aden International Airport and Badr Military Camp.

In Shabwah, armed clashes resumed on 7 April between Houthis and tribes, but basic services are functioning. Food and fuel are available. In Sa’ada, services at 11 health facilities were suspended due to close proximity to areas that were targeted by airstrikes. Parties to the conflict have an obligation, under international humanitarian law and Geneva Conventions, to protect civilians and civilian infrastructrure.

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