Nutrition Survey of Taiz Governorate 2016 Final Report

from UN Children's Fund, Government of Yemen
Published on 31 May 2016

1. Executive Summary

A SMART survey was conducted from …. to …. 2016 in three zones namely TC,
TLL and THL in Taiz Governorate (details about districts in each zone are shown on the methodology section). A total of 1458 HHs were surveyed and a variety of HH characteristics information were collected. Data were also collected from 1708 U5 children and 2338 women on the reproductive age 15-49 years.
The survey was designed and aimed at updating information about the nutritional status of children and women and more precisely:

  1. To investigate some of the HHs living conditions that may – directly or indirectly – affect the nutritional status of children and women.

  2. To evaluate the HHs food security situation.

  3. To assess the nutritional status of U5 children and women aged 15-49 years.

  4. To assess the prevalence of infectious diseases, the immunization and Vitamin A coverage among children and follow the trends of IYCF practices.

  5. To track any possible changes in U5MR trends.