NRC statement: US call for Yemen ceasefire provides glimmer of hope

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Statement by Nigel Tricks, Regional Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council

"We highly welcome US Secretary of Defense James Mattis' call for a ceasefire in war-torn Yemen within the next 30 days.

This can be the political breakthrough that we have long requested from parties to this brutal war. It must be promptly followed by a political solution where all actors involved finally sit down and agree on an end to four years of hell for Yemeni women, men and children.

Yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis in a generation. Over 22 million people are left in need of aid and protection and thousands of civilians have been injured or lost their lives. We also now face one of the worst famines we will have ever seen.

The time for only expressing concerns over the deteriorating situation is long gone. Now is the time for key holders UK, France and Iran to step up and follow this vital step taken by the US. This war must end."