NRC statement on today's UN Security Council meeting and Yemen talks

from Norwegian Refugee Council
Published on 15 May 2019

NRC statement on today's UN Security Council meeting and Yemen talks by country director Mohamed Abdi

"As the UN Security Council meets today to discuss the situation in Yemen, governments funding and supporting this war must maintain pressure on conflict parties to fully implement the Stockholm agreement, including deployment of all monitors needed to oversee the ceasefire.

While we welcome fresh talks between the government of Yemen and Ansar Allah on sharing port revenues and paying public workers, conflict rages on in many parts of the country. In Al Dahle civilians remain trapped by the clashes unable to flee to safety, the main road supplying food from Aden in the South to the capital Sana'a remains cut off by the fighting. Civilians in Taiz live under the daily threat of sniper fire. In Hajjah, fighting threatens to cut of the city's main water supply and access to the public hospital, and heavy air strikes continue to displace families who NRC is supporting with emergency aid.

Yemen's Red Sea ports remain a critical gateway for goods to reach 20 million Yemenis in urgent need across the country. It is crucial that Hodeidah port remains free from military attack, allowing more food, fuel and medicines to reach millions of people living on the verge of starvation.

As many as 1 million essential workers who run Yemen's public services including schools, hospitals, and water supply have not been paid for years and many are struggling to survive. Yemenis are desperate for concrete outcomes from the talks that will ensure salaries will be paid in Hodeidah, and throughout the country, and will help rebuild the economy and restore Yemen's public services."