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The No Strike List (NSL) is an index of permanently deconflicted humanitarian sites in Yemen managed by OCHA and acknowledged by EHOC.

General Process and Guidance

Notifications to add or remove sites to the NSL can be sent to the OCHA Deconfliction Team (DLT) from Sunday to Wednesday (the submitting agency/organization will receive confirmation that the request has been received by the DLT). Submission to EHOC will be on Thursdays from 09:00 to 13:00. Once acknowledged by EHOC, the DLT will forward the confirmation to the submitting agency/organization.

Submission Steps

Step One

Visit the No Strike List section at and download the latest excel sheet.

*For the UN - Staff residences and guesthouses must be submitted to the DLT through UNDSS after verification.

Step Two

Make sure all columns are filled in, with the correct format.
Double check that the coordinates have not already been included in the NSL by your agency/organization and that the information is verified by your security officer and head of mission before submission.

*The DLT will not be responsible for verifying your locations.

Clearly state if an addition or removal of sites is being requested. A request for both cannot be submitted in the same email.

The agency/organization is expected to take prompt action should the DLT request amendments or additional information.

The DLT will not accept any requests with missing documents.

*Your agency/organization’s deconflicted sites in the NSL can be shared with you upon request.
Should you need any clarifications please do not hesitate to contact the DLT

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