Nidal and her sixth pregnancy – Nidal “34”, Success Story – Deem for Development Organization - 2021

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Nidal Saeed is a 34-year-old woman from Al-Shatin village, Shara'b Al-Runa district, Ta'izz Gov, who lives in an area that prevails with poverty and ignorance, and her husband has been suffering from a psychological condition for more than two years due to the current conditions in the country. Nidal could not follow-up her pregnancy in the previous times because of the hard financial conditions, therefore, she bears her illness. One day Nidal heard from a neighbor there is a medical team specialized in caring for pregnant mothers, providing free medical advice, and free health services in Al Salam Hospital in Al Najdeen. The support is provided by Deem Development for Organization, funded by UNFPA. Due to the severity of the pain, Nidal had to walk with her sister to the hospital, despite the long distance to Al Salam Hospital. Nidal in her sixth pregnancy and suffers from fever and extreme exhaustion. Upon their arrival, doctor, Halima, received Nadil. The necessary medical examination was performed. After the examination, it was found that Nidal suffers from anemia and severe infections. The doctor wrote the necessary medicines for her but Nidal took the medicine paper and tried to hide it in her bag, as she does not have money for buying the medicines. The doctor looked at her and told her that the medicines are also free, Nidal was surprised from what she heard and her eyes were filled with tears of happiness. When Nidal and her sister were going back to their home, Nidal said, “I suffered a lot in my previous births but from today I will follow up on my pregnancy and I will take care of my health. I am thankful for the free support that Deem and UNFPA do for us”. “Nidal's story is repeated almost daily in the hospital, as many pregnant mothers with limited income come to us and we feel pleasant mixed with sadness when we provide them the free health services”, doctor Halima said.