The Multi-sectoral Humanitarian Response Programme (MHRP) in Yemen - Newsletter, April - July 2018

News and Press Release
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Project background and context:

Three years of conflict in Yemen have devastated the infrastructure of the country and created a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Over twenty-two million people, 80 per cent of the population, require some form of humanitarian assistance and protection, including 8.4 million who do not know where their next meal will come from. The recent escalation of the conflict means millions face risks to their safety and basic rights. It has become clear that the manifold problems currently faced by Yemenis can only begin to be addressed through integrated, multi-sectoral intervention by the humanitarian community. In response to this dire humanitarian situation a consortium model was developed whereby multiple agencies bring in their resources to approach the issue with a comprehensive package. The consortium's members have developed the 'Reducing Vulnerability Restoring Dignity' model, which focuses on two essential pillars: 'Life Saving Assistance' and 'Road to Resilience'. These pillars are strongly linked to ensure a transformation from vulnerability to preparedness in the face of future shocks stemming from conflict and displacement.