Monthly Market Monitoring Bulletin (October 2016)

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The market price data and information is collected from seven FSIS Programme target Governorates through the Governorate Focal Units (GFU) and FSTS in Sanaa city. The prices are collected from Hodeidah, Hajjah, Dhamar, Hadramout, Lahej, Taiz and Sanaa city markets. The prices are collected from at least three (3) representative market centers and average is calculated for each location. The Market monitoring bulletin provides tables and charts that show the monthly prices in the targeted Governorate markets. It also provides and allows the users to compare the current prices with the previous month and the pre-crisis average.

Key Highlights

The FAO Food Price Index in the previous month (September 2016) rose by 2.9 % from August and 10% higher than same month last year. However, the FAO Cereal Price Index in the previous month (September 2016) declined by 1.9 % from August and 8.9 % below its year-earlier level.

The average price of wheat remained stable compared to September 2016 in all monitored markets except a decrease in Hadramout by 3.4% and an increase by about 1% in Hodeidah and Hajjah. However, the prices are still higher by 36.80% in Hajjah, 36.36% in Dhamar, 18.33% in Hodeida and 18.06% in Hadramout compared to the pre-crisis prices.

The average price of rice (both Basmati and non-Basmati) showed a declining trend in almost all monitored markets compared to September 2016. In Hajjah Governorate the prices sharply decreased for both basmati and non basmati by 17.18% and 27.78% respectively.

The fuel price showed an increasing trend in the last two weeks of October compared to the previous months. Average price of petrol increased by 9.14% in Sana’a city, 13.51% in Hodeidah and 3.13% in Hajjah compared to September 2016. At the time of reporting, there is shortage of supply in the official fuel stations in Sana’a city, which may trigger increased prices in the parallel markets. The average price of cooking gas in Taiz was 5475YER/18kg which is the highest compared to all monitored markets and 119% higher than the pre-crisis prices.

The retail price of live animals (Sheep and goats) aged at 6 and 12 months old dropped in October across all local markets. The highest decrease was 24.47% in Lahej market for the six-month old and 27.93% for the 12 month old compared to the prices of September 2016. This might be attributed to the seasonal demands after the festival of Eid Al Adha. Animal product prices remained stable although the prices of beef in Sana’a city rose sharply by 10.68% followed by Hodeida at 6.10% compared to September 2016.

Despite the ongoing challenges in the financial sector and deteriorating economic performance, basic food commodities are generally available in the monitored local markets and prices are relatively stable compared to the previous three months. The crucial issue is economic access to key food and essential commodities due to loss of purchasing power of the population in particular to the civil servants who have not receive their salaries for the past two months and vulnerable population who lost their income and livelihood opportunities because of the crisis.