Mobile Team Efforts Towards Preventing Malnutrition: Success Story

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Health and nutrition systems are getting worse in Yemen, the number of children with malnutrition diseases is increasing day by day. In Al Jawf governorate, Al Maton district, there are many cases of malnutrition, which were discovered by the mobile medical teams supported by BFD (Building for Development Foundation) and funded by YHF (Yemen Humanitarian Fund). Most of the cases that were discovered suffering from severe acute malnutrition and one of these cases is a child called Abdul Razzaq Ahmed Rassam, 11 months of age. The child lives with his modest family of 4 individuals. His father was unemployed, in which he kept looking for a job to provide basic needs to his family.

"We were living in a modest financial situation, and we had a farm, but the war came and we were forced to leave. We left our village and our farm for a while. When we came back to our house, we only found the building, but the farm has become dry. And we no longer have cattle that help us to live in dignity", Abul Razzaq’s mother explained.

One day, Abul Razzaq’s mother was informed by a neighbor that there are doctors called the mobile team moves around to screen and detect the malnutrition cases in homes. Once she saw them in the village, she brought her son to be examined. After screening the mobile team found that Abdul Razzaq is suffering from severe acute malnutrition, Weight 5.5 kg _ Z_Score <-3 _ MUAC 11.2 cm. Abdu Razzaq was admitted to SAM program and given the proper health care and his mother was advised about the most important nutritional practices that will help her son to recover.

Having followed up for two months, his condition was improved, his weight 7.8 kg _ Z_Score < 0_ MUAC 12 cm.

“I was unable to express how happy I am with the services of this mobile medical team. The team provided all health and nutritional services that show the extent of the interest of BFD and its Donor YHF in achieving healthy and nutritional aspects in all governorates and regions that have suffered and are still suffering from difficult living conditions” Abdul Razzaq’s mother said.