Martin Griffiths to Sky News: We must act now

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In an exclusive interview with Sky News, the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen, Martin Griffiths said that he believed it was possible to resolve the conflict in Yemen, but warned of dire consequences if such efforts fail. “If famine takes hold in Yemen then the enormity of the humanitarian task to try and keep people alive is mindboggling.” Griffiths stressed that “we have to act now. If we have the stoppage of the war, if we can resolve that largest conflict, it gives us a chance to start building peace.”

Griffiths said that a complete ceasefire was not a pre-condition for convening the talks, but stressed that “it’s war that takes peace off the table”, and that an increase in fighting, for example in Hudaydah, would make meaningful dialogue difficult. Griffiths concluded that “Yemen is still on the right side of the line in terms of whether it can be resolved.” He added that “If we don’t address this quickly we will lose it.” He voiced for everyone to hold their breaths and get this conflict into a discussion rather into violence.

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