Martin Griffiths to Al Arabiya: “A Political Solution is the sustainable response to the humanitarian situation in Yemen”

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During his visit to Washington D.C., the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen, Martin Griffiths gave an exclusive interview to Al Arabiya TV Program “The Diplomatic Avenue”. Griffiths stressed the importance of working towards a political solution in Yemen, indicating that he is hoping to get the Yemeni parties to restart political consultations very soon.

The SE voiced the grave concern about the looming danger of famine in Yemen. He reiterated that while the dire humanitarian situation should be addressed separately from the political negotiations, “a political solution is the sustainable response to the humanitarian situation in Yemen.”

Griffiths also mentioned that dealing with the economic situation is “an immediate issue of great priority”. Improving the economic situation is crucial; not only to address the danger of famine, but also to offer to the people of Yemen “a message of hope” with regard to the future of Yemen.

Griffiths said that he intends to visit Ta’iz as soon as possible, highlighting that Yemenis from all parts of the political spectrum have urged him to focus on Ta’iz “as a place where peace is built locally”.

Watch the full interview in English here.