Livelihood Support through Multi-Purpose Cash Grants

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Al Gufainah Camp Settlement - Marib Gov.

“After the loss of my husband, my life has become harsher every day; I was unable to even afford to buy bread to feed my family of 6 children, our only source of food was receiving what our neighbors could give," Zahra expresses.
Zahra Ahmed Ali, a 38-year-old woman, is one of the most vulnerable people who fled from Ad Durayhimi District - Al Hudaydah Gov due to the escalation of the war, where she ended up at Al Gufainah Camp in Marib City.
What vulnerable people have encountered through the wave of displacement is totally different from the life they used to live before the war. Yes, Zahra found a shelter to stay in with her 6 children; yet, she struggled from the lack of basic life needs.

For short and medium-term food security inter- ventions, Building Foundation for Development (BFD), funded by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH), launched a project to enable vulnerable IDPs and marginalized people of Al Gufainah Camp to meet up with their minimum survival needs and improve their wellbeing through Multi-Purpose Cash Grants (MPCG) and Cash for Work (CFW).

Zahra was selected in the unconditional MPCG program, where she met the program vulnerability criteria of selection. Moreover, sensitization sessions with the selected beneficiaries were conducted by BFD team to guide them on best practices of utilizing the MPCG to reach food secu- rity. After receiving the cash assistance of the first round, Zahra was so relieved that she could satisfy the needs of her children to get basic items of food and the proper education. Moreover, since she did not own an oven and used the traditional method of cooking, she was able to save some portions of Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB) value and thought of ways to utilize this saved amount. Zahra's brain was turning around "tailor- ing and embroidery"; therefore, she remained patient till receiving the fourth and fifth rounds of payment, and through the savings, she bought fabrics as well as sewing items and started making clothes and homemade perfumes. Zahra's passion for sewing enabled her to make different and wonderful dresses. What is good about Zahra is that she started selling the clothes and perfumes that she makes.

“It was a tough time for me when my children were requiring something that I could not provide,” Zahra expresses, "now, I am glad to see the smile of my kids, and I feel overjoyed when I see them go happily to school every morning.”