The Light of the Morning - Maryam "30"

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“She was carried to the car after she fainted from the severity of the bleeding yesterday evening.” These were the words of the husband Jaber. Maryam is a 30-year-old woman, who lives in Al-Kadhiha, one of the villages of Al Mukha district, Taiz Gov. After Jaber took his unconscious wife, and who was carrying her through the gate of Al Mukha Hospital to reach the operation department. “Maryam was received in a state of shock and had a decline in the circulatory system as a result of severe bleeding due to the progression of the placenta, so she was given intravenous fluids and blood transfusions and transferred to the operating room,” The doctor said. By the time, the bleeding was controlled, the operation succeeded, and the mother's life was saved, while the fetus's age was incomplete, so the fetus was referred to the nursery department after the resuscitation process. “After I saw my wife leaving the operating section, all fear and worries disappeared, as if I see the morning light after the darkness of the night. I am very grateful to Deem medical team for everything they did to save my wife and my child,” The husband said. “Maryam's case is one of the cases that are rescued almost daily in the emergency obstetric department of Al Mukha Hospital, which receives many complicated cases from all the districts of the West Coast, and this is after Deem for Development Organization and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) contributed to provide and improve comprehensive obstetric emergency services,” Dr. Walid stated.