Kuwait dispatches new humanitarian convoy to Yemen

from Kuwait News Agency
Published on 31 Jan 2019 View Original

KUWAIT, Jan 31 (KUNA) ­­ A convoy boarding 100 tons of necessities is on its way to Yemen to distribute humanitarian supplies to 41,000 people in various regions of the war­torn country.

Dr. Hilal Al­Sayer, Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS), said in a statement to KUNA, on Thursday, that the urgent relief convoy was dispatched to Yemenis, namely displaced locals, in several Yemeni governorates, as part of the ongoing campaign, "Kuwait by Your Side." The Kuwaiti humanitarian operation is carried out in coordination with Estijabah Network for Humanitarian Action and Relief, a private Yemeni philanthropic organization, headquartered in southern Yemeni city of Aden.

Five truckloads packed with 10 tons of humanitarian materials, including food and dates, are en route to Maareb, Al­Jawf, Aden and Hadramot.

The KRCS, in addition to dispatching a chain of humanitarian convoys, has funded medical centers, hospitals, orphanage houses and schools in Yemen. On the island of Socotra, it had installed a solar system in a village. (end) zh.rk

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