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KSRelief monthly bulletin: August 2021



Recent heavy rains caused floods and destroyed his family’s shelter which has a simple structure, made of wooden poles and tarpaulin. “We lost all of our food: sugar, flour and rice,” he said. He couldn’t find a job and he couldn’t afford to rent a house. Thus, he and his family settled in the Ammar Bin Yasser displacement site, which is located in the yard of a school.

KSrelief, in partnership with the IOM, distributed shelter kits, which included plastic sheets, wooden poles, wooden plates, hammers, nails, saws and rope, to more than 200 displaced families in Aden that were affected by the floods.

“Now, we received these pieces of wood and we will rebuild all over again,” explained Hassan. Rebuilding sturdier shelters will help displaced families protect themselves from extreme weather conditions.