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King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Center (KSRelief) Launches Project to Rehabilitate War-Affected Children and Child Soldiers in Yemen

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KSRelief has a global and regional goal to provide aid to the most vulnerable members of society- especially children. To this end, the need for this child rehabilitation project emerged as a by-product of the on-going Iranian-backed Houthi Militia’s use of children in warfare in Yemen. The primary objective for this project, in the short-term, is to rehabilitate child soldiers- regardless of background or political affiliation- and, in the longterm, protect them from further malicious influence. This project is implemented with full funding and oversight from KSrelief through a local partner, Wethaq Civic Foundation.

This project was established with international standards and practices for rehabilitating child soldiers and was carried out by academic experts in the fields of psychology and sociology. It is the first of its kind in Yemen; given the extensive hands-on rehabilitation efforts and post followup assessment.
The project benefits 2000 beneficiaries; including child soldiers, their parents, as well as, family members, and will culminate into an analytical output that assesses its impact and provides recommendations on how to proactively thwart child soldier recruitment.

Project Goal:

The project aims to psychologically and educationally rehabilitate recruited and war-affected children in Yemen in a manner that facilitates their reintegration into society, in addition to targeting school (re)enrollment, which they were forced to abandon due to being used in the war by the Iranian-backed Houthi Militia.

Project Activities:

The project comprehensively approaches rehabilitation by:

  • rediscovering the child’s talent through intensive skills development trainings.

  • targeting parents to raise their awareness on recruitment tactics and child protection rights.

  • organizing concentrated psychological treatment sessions across the governates.

  • facilitating mixing with other children through sporting events.

  • doing joint entertainment trips with peers.

  • during their rehabilitation period; providing them with specialized teachers to teach them subjects their peers in schools are learning so entering into school post treatment is easier

  • following-up post treatment for a period of 4 months to ensure the treatment has sustainably maintained the child’s reintegration

  • providing families with food rations, so they do not feel the need to use their children in exchange for covering food expenses

Targeted Provinces:

  • Phase One: Mareb, AlJawf, Taiz and Amran (4 month duration)

  • Phase Two: Mareb, Al Jawf, Taiz, Sana’a and Amran (girls affected by the war will also be rehabilitated in this phase)