Japan provides 32.8 million USD humanitarian assistance package to Yemen Including additional food grant aid with 18 million USD [EN/AR]

from Government of Japan
Published on 07 Feb 2019 View Original

The Government of Japan has decided to provide new humanitarian assistance package of 32.8 million USD to Yemen in response to the demand of the Government of Yemen and the urgent needs of Yemeni people to address the dire humanitarian situation and alleviate people’s suffering.

This assistance package includes various humanitarian projects in cooperation with international organizations and Japanese NGOs such as emergency food provision through WFP with 18 million USD, response to the situation of Yemeni IDPs and Refugees by UN-HABITAT and UNHCR and IOM with 7 million USD in total, as well as distributing agricultural inputs, providing income opportunities and vocational training to youth and women, and also capacity building of medical staffs.

Japan continues to extend its support to Yemeni people who is living in the current difficult situation by this assistance package, in addition to 8 million USD grant aid for recovery of their agricultural productivity and 12 million USD emergency food grant aid that have been already announced by the Government of Japan in the first two months of 2019.