Islamic Relief-Yemen with IR US strengthen a Fragile health system teetering on the edge of collapse in Yemen

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Yemen remains the world's largest humanitarian crisis and aid operation. The situation is expected to deteriorate further where almost 20.7 million people require access to health care, including 11.6 million people who are in acute need. In a country where the health system is on the brink of collapse, a project funded by IR USA with the amount of US $ 940,458 has accomplished solid results. It is an essential part of the large-scale response of Islamic Relief-Yemen that aims to continue ameliorating access to health and public health services through supporting health service delivery and facilities functionality ensuring people receive the needs in a timely manner.

“Our partnership with the IR USA is indispensable, allowing us to save lives and alleviate suffering through ensuring necessary health services are received by the people of Yemen—so we meet acute needs. We are also ensuring we concentrate on development and sustainability which’s why we are sustaining systems, building response and detection capacities. These Emergency will help ensure proper functionality of hospitals across Yemen, especially in remote areas. Strengthening health systems revived the hope of saving hundreds of thousands of lives” said Muhammad Zulqarnain, Islamic Relief –Yemen Country Director in Yemen.

Emergency Life-saving health response in Hudaidah, Dhamar, Amran, and Sa'ada

The protracted conflict has left Yemen along with the local health system in tatters. People have to travel hundreds of kilometers across hard terrain to reach the nearest hospital—unsure whether they would even get the treatment they so desperately needed.

“Islamic Relief Yemen through the ‘’Emergency Life-saving health response in Hudaidah, Dhamar, Amran, Sa'ada’’, has made primary and secondary health care accessible for 211,526 people. People no longer have to travel hundreds of miles to seek care as heath facilities and hospitals are now supported with health workers, medicines and medical equipment.” said Dr. Tasneem Ali, Health Programme Officer, Islamic Relief -Yemen.

The necessity of Emergency Life-saving health response

“Emergency Life-saving health response in Hudaidah, Dhamar, Amran, and Sa'ada has led to greater functionality, facilities that were once dysfunctional are now fixed. Improved operational support has resulted in vast service availability, making sure hundreds of thousands now have healthcare access—now more than ever, more people are seeking healthcare, and delivering the basic health services needed is part of the Yemeni people's "right to health” “. stated Jackson, Nutrition Programme Coordinator, Islamic Relief-Yemen

Islamic Relief Yemen, improving access to health care and responding to outbreaks including cholera and COVID-19 pandemic, remains one of the first proactive INGOs to respond to humanitarian and long- term crises. The health program supports health facilities with health staff, medicines, medical equipment to ensure that health facilities doors stay open to receive the thousands who come through its doors daily.