Irregular Migration Inflows into Yemen: Humanitarian Response (Multi-Sector Migrants), as of 20 Jan 2013

from International Organization for Migration, iMMAP
Published on 20 Jan 2013 View Original

Increasingly, migrants from the Horn of Africa, mostly Ethiopians, land on Yemeni shores by crossing the Gulf of Aden through ruthless smuggling networks, hoping to sustain and improve their fate by eventually reaching the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. The Kingdom’s efforts to preempt inward irregular migration overland from Yemen by sealing its borders contributes to the growing humanitarian crisis at Yemen’s northern border. Here, thousands of migrants remain destitute and stranded as their stamina and resources are depleted from the journey. These already vulnerable migrants are further abused, exploited and tortured by international smugglers who make the most of the situation.

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