IR aids Yemen landslide survivors

News and Press Release
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Several houses in the village of al-Dhofair in eastern Yemen were crushed underneath a landslide on 29 December 2005.
Rescuers have recovered 65 bodies from the wreckage, including that of a young woman about to get married.

Eight people were pulled out alive from the rubble, but rescuers do not expect to find any more survivors. Government officials confirm that there are no bodies left, and rescue teams have left the area.

Between 140 and 200 people have been evacuated from the village because of the possibility of more landslides.

Landslides are rare in Yemen, but the country is prone to floods in spring and summer.

Islamic Relief's Intervention

Islamic Relief staff visited the site of the disaster within 24 hours. A rapid assessment was carried out and a meeting was convened with the Minister of the Interior to organise a coordinated response.

Islamic Relief intervened with aid for 150 families, both evacuees and those directly affected by the landslide.

Two truckloads of aid were distributed. IR staff distributed 15 tents, bags of sugar, flour, rice, oil, tea and milk. Blankets, pillows, and mattresses were also given out to survivors, and masks were provided for rescue workers digging up bodies from the rubble.

All the aid goods were purchased locally and distributed to survivors within two days of the landslide. IR was the first international aid agency to intervene.