IOM Yemen: Weekly Situation Report (6-12 May 2018)

Situation Report
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22.2 million People are in need of humanitarian assistance

2 million People are internally displaced

2.2 million People are aimed to be supported by IOM

Key Highlights

• IOM’s coastal search and rescue teams for migrants found 313 new arrivals (80 boys and 233 men) in Lahj.
These migrants were provided with information, food, water, NFIs, and medical assistance, as necessary.

• One cholera case was confirmed using a rapid test, among 160 suspected cholera/AWD cases that were treated in Ibb through DTCs and ORPs as part of cholera response.

• Assessment of returnee Yemenis from Saudi Arabia – conducted on a daily basis in the Hadramout Governorate – finding over 6,600 Yemenis returned from KSA in April 2018, with 61% returning without travel documents.

• IOM participated in a national measles vaccination campaign in Shabwah and Abyan Governorates and provided treatment and referral services for confirmed cases through its mobile health teams in the area.

• 2,461 conflict-affected children benefitted from a range of activities in Child-Friendly Spaces (CFSs) in Sana’a and Aden, and 27 children were referred to focused PSS. Due to school holidays and temporary closure for security reasons, 24 out of the 34 IOM-supported CFSs are currently operational.