IOM Yemen: Rapid Displacement Tracking, 28 Jul to 17 Aug 2019 [EN/AR]

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The ongoing conflict in Yemen, since March 2015, has led to the displacement of more than 3.6 million people (according to DTM’s 2018 Area Assessment) and datasets can be found here.
DTM’s Rapid Displacement Tracking tool collects and reports on numbers of households forced to flee on a daily basis, allowing for regular reporting of new displacements in terms of numbers, geography and needs. In the first seven months of 2019, conflict activities have resulted in new patterns of displacement, particularly in within Taizz, Al Dhale'e and Al Hudaydah governorates. Click here to get the dataset for rapid displacement tracking from 28 July to 17 August 2019.

From 28 July to 17 August 2019, households continued to move to and within Taizz, Al Hudaydah, Shabwah, and Ibb specifically in the below governorates and districts:

• Taizz: Jabal Habashy (129 HH), Ash Shamayatayn (126 HH), Maqbanah (80 HH) districts received the highest number of households arriving from Al Mansura and Ash Shaikh Outhman in Aden governorate

• Al Hudaydah: Az Zaydiyah (85 HH), Az Zuhrah (84 HH) from Abs district, Al Hali (60 HH ) displacement within in the same governorate and district.

• Shabwah: Markhah As Sufla district (165 HH) within displacement.

• Ibb: As Sabrah (88 HH) and Mudhaykhirah (42 HH) districts received IDPs mostly from Ash Shaikh Outhman and Al Mansura districts in Aden governorate.

• DTM identified (959) returnee HHs most of them in governorates of Al Hudaydah (444 HH), Al Dhale’e (211 HH), Shabwah (153 HH).

Key Highlights

From 28 July to 17 August 2019, there were 6 instances of over 100 households displaced in a single day (see figure 1). There were in Taizz, Shabwah and Al Hudaydah governorates because of recent events conflict and flooding