IOM Yemen - Marib Response (July 2021)

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The conflict in Ma’rib continues unabated and saw another spike in hostilities at the end of July. As in previous months, clashes in Ma’rib were concentrated in eastern and southern Ma’rib, particularly Sirwah (to the west of Ma’rib city) and Rahabah districts. Clashes also erupted in nearby Al Bayda, displacing at least 51 households (HHs) within the governorate and more than 600 HHs to locations in Lahj and Shabwah1 . As the conflict in these areas persists, the situation continues to contribute to the country’s largest displacement crisis. Already, more than 24,500 people have been displaced in Ma’rib this year – 53 per cent to areas within Sirwah, and 30 per cent to Ma’rib city. Displacement in Ma’rib has accounted for close to 40 per cent of displacement in the 13 governorates assessed by IOM2 . IOM and partners estimate that hostilities in Ma’rib have displaced more than 156,000 people since January 2020, when the intensified clashes first erupted.

According to local authorities, around 1 million people are displaced across the governorate.

In July, IOM and partners registered 1,120 new IDPs for assistance in Ma’rib city, Ma’rib Al Wadi, Sirwah and Al Jubah. This is indicative of the number of people displaced during the period, as displacement into sites slowed for most of the month and fighting shifted to areas in Al Bayda. Despite the temporary lull at the start of the month, the conflict continues to be the main driver of displacement and needs, impacting civilians and their homes at alarming rates. Conflict monitors estimate that the number of civilian casualties reported in the governorate almost doubled in the second quarter of the year, and around 120 incidents of armed violence have impacted people’s homes this year. While there has been a notable decrease in the number of conflict incidents affecting IDP sites since March 2021, any changes along the frontlines will likely displace more people further into Ma’rib city and surrounding areas. Already in the first quarter of the year, at least eight IDP sites in Sirwah were emptied due to the approaching conflict.