IOM Yemen: Marib City Displacement Sites, August-October 2019

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Displacement sites first started to form in Marib governorate in 2015 and since that time, have continued to receive internally displacement persons (IDPs) from all over Yemen. As of September 2019, Marib city has 13 recorded displacement sites hosting 6,851 IDP households (HH). The largest and most formal of these sites is Al Jufainah camp, which hosts 4,010 HH across 15 sectors. The remaining 12 sites are smaller in size, ranging from 66 to 641 HH. Residents sheltering in at least eight of the displacement sites in Marib city are at risk of eviction.

Displacement sites where residents are at risk of eviction are typically located on private lands such as factory premises, public school grounds or lands owned by local authorities. One of the eight sites at risk managed to negotiate a oneyear rental agreement with the land owner, while people in the remaining seven sites still face possible eviction primarily to allow the sites be used for their original purposes. Currently, local authorities in Marib are prioritizing the closure of Kuliyat Almujtama collective centre in order to rehabilitate the buildings and reopen it as a college, as well as Al Muasasa informal site due to its close proximity to the road.

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