Insecurity profile in Aden during January

Published on 2 February 2012 in News

Fuad Mussed (author)

ADEN, Feb, 1 — An unidentified armed group of men intercepted the Saudi Deputy Consul in Aden, Abdullah Al-Khaledi, as he traveled home from work on Monday.

The men forced the Saudi diplomat to exit his vehicle while on his way to his home in Aden's Al-Mansoura city. The men, armed with assault rifles and machine guns, confiscated the diplomat's car and some personal belongings.

A security source said that the Saudi diplomat was not assaulted and that the police continue to search for the armed group.

Also on Monday, policemen in Aden recovered a stolen car belonging to the general director of Aden’s Civil Defense Authority. The car was stolen one week ago by armed men in Aden's Al-Sheikh Othman District.

A security source at the Civil Defense Authority said that the car was handed over by the police after the culprits were arrested and detained for future prosecution.

In Aden and on Monday morning also, six children and one woman – all displaced persons from Abyan - were injured by a detonated blast at Al-Qadisya school in Al-Mansoura District.

Local sources said that the children found the detonator and attempted to extract the copper from it, leading to an immediate explosion. All injured were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

In January, Aden witnessed several incidences of insecurity in different districts in the governorate. Following is a summary of main security situations in Aden during January.

January 2: Maher Bin Hatbin, an employee at the Central Organization for Control and Auditing was killed at his work site during a protest to demand the resignation of their manager on grounds of corruption. Armed men working with the manager fired at the protesters.

January 3: Unidentified armed men stormed the Natco Company building in Al-Mualla in Aden, and left with stolen goods.

January 4: Two persons were killed and 12 others left injured after an attack was carried out by armed men against a hotel in Al-Sheikh Othman District.

January 11: Armed men attacked a minibus carrying soldiers and officers from the Political Security Service. The attack resulted in the death of two persons, with seven others injured.

January 13: A retired colonel and pilot and five other citizens were killed, and more than ten Southern Movement supporters were injured during confrontations between government security forces and armed men aligned with the Southern Movement in Khawr Maksr. An officer and soldiers from the Central Security Forces were also killed.

There were also clashes between Southern Movement members and security forces at Caltex Roundabout in Al-Mansoura. One woman was killed by a stray bullet in Khawr Maksr.

January 15: An armed group blocked the main road to Aden's Al-Mualla District.

January 17: There were clashes at Show Square in Khawr Maksr, and explosions shook Al-Mansoura's Capota residential city.

January 18: Fierce fighting erupted around Vice President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi's house in Khawr Maksr after unidentified armed men attacked a military vehicle.

January 20: A group of unidentified armed men killed three soldiers and burned their vehicles in an attack targeting a security patrol at Al-Mansoura's Caltex Roundabout.

January 21: Nightfall saw clashes erupt in different areas in Aden Governorate, resulting in three citizens receiving injuries.