Improving Access to Income: Success Story

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Al Gofainah Hosting Site – Marib city – Marib Gov.

"It is not easy to admit that you cannot afford notebooks and pencils to your children," Salwa Mohammed Hejab expresses. Salwa is a 30-year-old married woman from Ad Durayhimi District, Al Hudaydah Gov. She used to struggle to feed her four little children; yet, when she was registered into the Cash for Work (CFW) Program, her financial condition has improved. Before joining (CFW), life was very tough especially being an IDP, with 4 children. The thought of sending her chil- dren to school was a pipe dream that she nursed in secret as she is very passion- ate about education though she never got a chance to go to school.

Since childhood, she could gain from hawking firewood and the help of relatives sometimes. Life was harsh during the war when access to food was a big hurdle as food prices would skyrocket. The only solution that came up to her mind was to flee into a place without war, in which she ended up at Al Gofainah Hosting Site in Marib city– Marib Gov. Building Foundation for Development (BFD), funded by Diakonie katastrophenhilfe (DKH), has been prioritizing Marib Governorate and paying keen interest and considerable attention to relieving and providing all the possible assistance to the vulnerable population including IDPs, thus contributing to alleviating the severe needs.

"When I was selected as a beneficiary within the cash-for-work program, I felt overjoyed. When I got the cash assistance for the first time, I bought wood to build a tent, food commodities, a traditional oven (Tannour) to bake for my be- loved family, and school supplies for my children," Salwa says.