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ICRC, IRCS Ready for more Collaboration in International Humanitarian Issues

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TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (IRCS) _ Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), and Mr. Peter Maurer, President of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), met in Tehran on October 21, to discuss collaborations between the organizations, especially in international humanitarian activities.

Peyvandi, remarked the ICRC’s endeavors for alleviating the human sufferings, especially ICRC’s activities in Yemen and Syria, and then added that IRCS is ready for extending, executory, and closer collaborations with ICRC. Peyvandi said that many common areas and potentials exist for collaboration such as HCiD (Health Care in Danger), education, RFL Restoring Family Link), physical rehabilitation and prominently promotion of IHL International Humanitarian Law) that is one of the main engagements of ICRC. He added that ICRC has made many efforts in Yemen and Syria despite the existing challenges and difficulties and also the danger threatens the lives of ICRC’s staff.

Peyvandi said: “Your (ICRC) humanitarian services in Yemen and Syria are remarkable but as a National Society we expect that ICRC try more to address the humanitarian needs."

He also announced IRCS readiness to cooperate with ICRC on rendering humanitarian services to Yemeni people who live in severe conditions.

President of IRCS as a member of Governing Board, also, added that the absence of the active presence of ICRC in Governing Board is felt. He suggested that the presence of ICRC in Governing Board will clear up the misunderstanding and solve the problems that will lead to better cooperation in Movement. Prof. Peyvandi said that IRCS hopes to see ICRC in the coming Governing Board session and appreciated the efforts of ICRC in Movement.

IRCS President also assured that the society is ready to increase its cooperation with ICRC around the world.

Inviting IRCS to International Conference

Referring to obstacles in the way of humanitarian services in some places affected by conflicts in the world, ICRC President said: “If we could decide by ourselves, we could do more in many other places in the world but unfortunately some places are beyond the influence of us.”

"I can only assure you that the ICRC will never take a no for a no. We will try again if we have failed on certain cooperation and uncertain increases on humanitarian deliveries in the past," he mentioned.

“You [IRCS] have counted on us and with regard to the issue of Yemen, I really wish to have a bigger operation and we would also certainly wish to facilitate the work of Iranian Red Crescent Society in other parts of the world where ICRC is active.” Mr. Maurer added.

“I would also like to mention our interest to work increasingly closer together in the next 14 months when we work towards the next International Conference 2019, because many issues with the international humanitarian law will be on the agenda of the conference and ICRC has a strong maintenance to have your National Society as a strong partner of the issues that will be promoted during the conference," remarked ICRC President.

He also welcomed experts from two sides to exchange their knowledge international humanitarian law. “I would also like to mention our readiness and interest to have more substantive exchanges with regard to some new issues with regard to International humanitarian law that are discussed at the ICRC in Geneva and our experts are certain to exchange with your expert on some of those findings.”

Announcing his agreement on the issue of safety of humanitarian personnel that was brought in the meeting by IRCS President, Mr. Maurer expressed his regret on terrorist attacks to an IRCS ambulance in Kurdistan province this year which resulted in the killing of an Iranian Red Crescent’s volunteer.

At the end of the meeting, ICRC President visited conceptual photo and art exhibition of “Repatriation Flight” which is being held at the Iranian Red Crescent's Museum.

The exhibition is mounted by the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) with the participation of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Representative Office in Tehran, and is focused on the repatriation of Iran-Iraq prisoners of war.