HUMAN ACCESS and WFP extend a helping hand to (65,083) families in Lahj and Taiz governorates

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Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, where conflicts and political turmoil abound, negatively affecting the economic and living life of the majority of the country's population, and may lead to food insecurity for the majority of families, especially in rural areas.

The governorates of Lahj and Taiz are regions of conflict today, where nearly half of the number of families there suffer from extreme poverty and food insecurity, which has made these two governorates in the pit of famine and in dire need of assistance.

Direct interventions and support

Abdullah Moqbel, the project manager, said in a press statement that the emergency food aid project, implemented by HUMAN ACCESS with funding from the World Food Program (WFP) in the governorates of Lahj and Taiz , came as a rescue for a community living below the poverty line by meeting their urgent needs for food consumption so that the targeted families can buy the necessary food for daily life and giving them a ray of hope.

Three main components in 12 districts

Moqbel indicated that the project included the distribution of food vouchers, the delivery of foodstuffs, and the disbursement of cash assistance according to specific criteria. The work was also carried out according to a transparent mechanism, where the number of families that need urgent intervention in the food aspect was determined in each district. Moqbel explained that the project aims to enhance food security in 12 targeted districts distributed over the governorates of Lahj and Taiz.

The first is Lahj Governorate and includes 11 districts: Al Qabbaitah, Al Had, Al Madharibah, Al Maqatirah, Al Maflahi, Yafa’ Labous, Yahar, Tor Al Baha, Al Malah, Halmeen, and Habeel Jabr, and the second governorate is Taiz in Sala district.

(65,083) beneficiary families

HUMAN ACCESS, in partnership with WFP, disbursed cash assistance to 42,958 families in the districts of Al Had, Al Madharibah, Al Maqatirah, Al Maflahi, Yafe’ Labous, Yahar, Tor Al Baha, Al Malah, Halmeen, and Habeel Jabr.

Moreover, (6995) poor families in Sala district of Taiz Governorate, benefited from the food distribution project consisting of flour, sugar, cooking oil, legumes and salt.

Furthermore, (15,130) families benefited from the food voucher project in Al Qabbaitah district, Lahj governorate. The distribution process was carried out in accordance with the requirements of public safety and the adoption of precautionary and preventive measures to counter the Corona virus.

Improving nutritional status

Moqbel stressed that HUMAN ACCESS, in partnership with WFP, through this project, was able to improve the nutritional situation and draw smiles and joy on the faces of members of the targeted families. The project has removed a heavy burden from their shoulders and brought life back to the souls of many people.