HUMAN ACCESS and Muslim Aid support families of orphans and IDPs

HUMAN ACCESS concluded the second phase of the project to distribute food baskets, school bags and supplies, and school uniforms for families of orphans and displaced people in Taiz Governorate, Hadhramaut, and Marib, in partnership with Muslim Aid. The project aims to alleviate the suffering of orphans and displaced families who suffer from a lack of provision for the requirements of a living life.

2,450 project beneficiary families

Aiming to assist 2450 families, the campaign was divided into two phases, each phase targeting 1,225 families. The aid provided by HUMAN ACCESS included the distribution of food baskets, with each food basket containing flour, rice, sugar, oil, legumes, dates, and sauce. The campaign also distributed school bags with supplies and school uniforms.

Joy and smile on faces

The project has contributed to drawing smiles and joy on the faces of the families who benefit from it. The beneficiary families expressed their thanks and appreciation for HUMAN ACCESS and Muslim Aid for their generous support in providing their most important and basic living requirements.