Heavy flooding in Yemen Situation Report No. 3 - 27 Oct 2008

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Update on the situation:

I. The death toll from the tropical storm and flooding which first struck the provinces of Hadarmout and Al-Mahrah on Thursday October 23rd has increased to around 180 and expected to rise as score of people are still unaccounted for. Damage from the storm has been extensive especially in Hadarmout as most homes are built of mud bricks. Government is struggling to distribute relief items as many roads were washed away. Three are reports that new floods have spread to other six governorates (Marib, Al-Jawf, Shebwa, Lahj, Taiz, and Saada) but with low density and damages. Distribution of relief items by the government and others is continuing.

II. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, in a meeting of donor community which took place today, reported the following information on deaths, damages and actions taken:

- 180 deaths

- Score are missing

- 2000 houses completely destroyed

- 10,000 people displaced

- More flooding is expected

- The government allocated US$ 100,000,000 for the relief efforts

- Government appealed for international assistance

- Assistance in terms of kinds and cash is received or in the pipeline from different countries such as UAE, Libya, Qatar, Oman, Arab Fund (US$ 3,000,000), etc.

- Government has requested the World Bank to coordinate the process of in-depth assessment of the damages and assist in the prevention and mitigation measures to be taken to avoid future disasters as this one.

- United Nations agencies to coordinate the quick humanitarian assessment with participation of NGOs

- There is an ongoing investigation to assess damages to agricultural lands, roads and bridges

During this meeting the donors briefed the Deputy Prime Minister on their support to the flood victims. The Minister of Public Health referred to very fast WHO's support in terms of delivery of emergency kits, support to enhancing the surveillance system, vector control efforts and allocation of US$ 100,000 by WHO for the local procurement. I also briefed the meeting on WHO support to the Ministry of Public in different areas to combat this humanitarian situation.

III. The Government has determined the following urgent priority needs for donors support::

a. Health and environmental protection needs including prevention of infectious diseases

b. Food

c. Tents, blankets, utensils

d. Water pumps

e. Water purification equipment

f. Mobile health units

g. Electricity generators (70% of the population is without electricity)

IV. Two New Health Emergency Kits and one Diarrhoea Kit are ready for shipment to Yemen with excellent and speedy action and support of Regional Office and HQ. These kits hopefully will be shipped by 30 October.

V. The United Nations Rapid Assessment Mission will depart today evening to the affected area. WHO, UNICEF, IOM, WFP and UNHCR are participating in this mission.

VI. No report of any outbreaks so far.